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BioCeuticals UltraBiotic 500 (7 x 5g)


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14 probiotic strains, 500 billion CFU; intensive probiotic, one-a-day dose.

UltraBiotic 500 is a combination of 14 probiotic strains providing 500 billion CFU per 5g sachet.
This high strength probiotic provides support for normal healthy digestive and immune systems in a convenient one-a-day dose.
It provides good bacteria which may help maintain intestinal flora when taken during and after antibiotic therapy.

Product Requires Refrigeration : Yes
Serving Type: Oral Powder
Available in Sizes: 7 sachets (35g) 14 sachets (70g) Dosage: Adults: Mix one sachet (5g) into 100mL of water or juice. Consume once daily for 7 or 14 days or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

High strength, intensive probiotic.
14 probiotic strains providing 500 billion CFU.
Convenient one-a-day dose.
May help to maintain intestinal microbiota.
Aids digestion and supports digestive health.
Supports a normal healthy immune system.
Kosher certified.


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