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Erskineville Compounding Pharmacy

What is our speciality?

  • Being a compounding pharmacy, we are able to custom make medicines for your specific ailments in preferred forms. For example, liquid or capsule form, creams or gels, gluten/sugar/lactose free, preferred flavours, etc.
  • Large focus on Baby & Children’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Weight Loss & Skin Care – we can even make creams!

What is a compounding pharmacy?

Tailor made medicines for you

Compounding is the science of customising/personalising medications to the exact strength and dosage for the specific health needs of a patient. Performed by a licensed pharmacists compounded medication may be ideal for those who are not able to take commercially mass-produced pharmaceutical drugs.

Benefits of compounded medicines:

  • Access to discontinued or difficult to find medications – we can make them in a safe, carefully controlled environment by a licensed compounding pharmacist.
  • Personalised dosage – your doctor may prescribe a more accurate dosage unlike the standard commercialised medicines with a standard dosage, eg. 50mg, 100mg, 250mg where in some instances, patients would have to divide the pill/tablet into pieces.
  • Alternative dosage forms – some patients prefer medications in liquid over pills or capsule form, others may prefer creams over gels, which allows medicine to be absorbed through the patient’s skin.
  • Easier to use or take medications – adding a flavour and/or colour can be great for infants, children or the elderly, to make it more palatable and aesthetically appealing.
  • Allergy-friendly options – some patients may have intolerances and sensitivities to gluten, lactose, dyes, alcohol, sugar and/or certain preservatives.