/ Mandle Leather Scented Candle 8.5x11cm

Mandle Leather Scented Candle 8.5x11cm


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Strengthen the feel of your space with the masculine fragrance of the Mandle Scented Candle Jar from Davis & Waddell.

Made of soy and paraffin wax blend for a high-quality candle that burns cleanly for your safety and peace of mind
Soy wax is a natural, renewable resource so it is environmentally friendly for guilt-free use
Has a superior scent throw and slower burn, allowing a more intense and lasting scent to permeate your interiors
Affords a 45-hour burn time for a seamless flow of light and aromatic goodness in your living space, on repeat and for longer
Emits a classic masculine scent to help create a warm, relaxing ambience in your space
Housed in an exquisite glass jar for style, and enclosed in a gift box ? an easy and perfect gift item for men


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