Aptamil believes that early life experiences are a great way to build your child’s resilience. To help prepare young children for each new experience, they have developed a baby formula with ingredients backed by scientific research. Their formulas support the immune system and the development of cognitive function.

Research shows that breastfeeding provides the best nutrition available for your baby. However, if you are adverse to feeding your baby via breastfeeding or if you baby is unable to breastfeed there are alternatives available. You need to make sure that your baby formula contains the right nutritional content to support your baby’s immune system and cognitive development.

Aptamil contains a mix of nutrients specially selected by nutritionists with over 40 years’ experience in immunity and children’s development. Our formulas have been prepared with care to ensure your child grows properly and that their future development is healthy.

Scientific research plays a fundamental role at Aptamil. Aptamil’s passion for improving nutritional intake early in life is matched by their focus on providing high quality nutrition based on scientific research.

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